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Our project,  „Healthyland”, proposes the experience exchange between 6 educational institutions in order to raise awareness on the necessity of sports and healthy food starting from a young age. The general objective is take our children to the world of health – physical and mental, through different games, plays, meetings with interesting people and especially sharing knowledge and experience. Also important thing for us is to develop the cooperation with the parents because without their support, all the activities of the project will have a very brief impact.
The target group of the project consists of 35 teachers and 1050 children enrolled in six participating institutions and their parents.
Through its activities, our project promotes a healthier lifestyle, proposes diverse opportunities to practice sports in a fun way for the children, alternative ways of spending free time, offers practical solutions for parents to introduce a healthy diet in their kids eating habits.
The project will be implemented during 2 years, from September 2016 to August 2018.The activities in the first year of the project focuse on the healthy eating habits and in the second year we are going to concentrate on sports and physical activity.
The main activities carried on will be:
• Children and teachers will communicate with partner kindergartens in order to exchange the information and monitor the progress towards the project activities.
• Exchange of the experience and good practice.
• Creating the digital materials and other educational ones ( posters, leaflets, website etc.).
• Artistic and sports classes included music, art, drama and dance.
• Cooking activities for children and parents.
• Meetings with interesting people ( confectioner, dietician, baker, doctor, sportperson etc.).
• Peerlearning – children will teach, instruct each others in case of different activities.
• Exchanging  the good practice with the locals ( meetings, project newspaper, events etc.).
• Trips to some places in the city/town, which are crucial for the project implementation ( Stadiums, fruit gardens, baker’s etc.).
• Joint activities.
    All the partners who take part in the project have got the same goal and their vision of the problem is similar. We are planning 3 translational meetings, during which the seminars, training courses and other works connected with the project activities will be held. All the participants will be able to learn more about culture of the partner countries. Apart from the meetings, we are going to take part in two LTT activities, one webinar and communicate using all the available internet tools.
    Parental engagement is strongly seen as virtual for enhancing healthy child development and learning. Also, research has shown that parental engagement with ECEC is strongly associated with children’s later academic success, socio-emotional development and adaptation in society. Thanks to the regular cooperation with the parents, they will have the opportunity to broaden their minds in these particular subjects and it will make  motivating and supporting  their children easier.
     Furthermore, this project also consists of an important role performing outdoor activities, visit and work in gardens and sports activities to relate what they learned in the workshops with outputs and activities outside the usual workplace, allowing this development and revitalization of pupils and collaborating institutions in the project.
The project will help teachers to  raise the level of the education through gaining and sharing the experience, learning new methods and techniques and making them use of the different approaches in education.  The methodology that we will use, will be participatory, dynamic and fostering creativity. For this reason, all the participants will do role play, theater forum, debates, presentations, etc. It will increase and develop our competence of foreign language communication and all of us will be able to practice ICT skills in a more active way. Sharing all our experience with the locals, we hope that this project  will enable us to raise wise and healthy young people.
Our general objectives are:
- to promote a healthy lifestyle for pupils who are in ECEC.
- to foster a sense of European citizenship.
-to help participants to develop a brighter and international perspective on education,
- to reframe a vision and a school policy plan in order to be a healthy person,
-to provide opportunities to the participants to gain experience, knowledge and improving approaches to teaching and school management practices,
-to improve efficiency and effectiveness in developing E.U. Projects,
-to enhance and increase school partnerships across the EU,
-to enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training,
-to support innovative ICT-base

Creating this project, we had in our minds  Karen Horney's words: 
         "Don't teach a tree how to grow. Just give him the sun, the soil and water".

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