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Kindergarten of Avlonari is a public school, in the primary level of Greek Education system. Primary education is divided into kindergarten, lasting one or two years and primary schools lasting six years. All levels of education in Greece are overseen by the Ministry of Education, which exercises centralized control over the state schools by prescribing the curriculum, appointing staff and controlling funding. As a result, we have 2 guidance specialists, the pedagogical advisor of preschool education in Evia and the advisor of school programs, who evaluate our programs.

Our kindergarten is located in a small village named Avlonari and founded in 1966. The teaching staff consists of 3 nursery school teachers and 47 students with age range 4-6 years old.
Our organization follows the Greek Pre-school Curriculum and tries every year to participate in innovative and creative programs, which are improving learning and socializing our students. Through these programs, we try to promote their development emotionally, socially, physically and academically, while supporting their differences and particularities. Our team believes that global education can greatly enhance learning within the classroom. Through this multicultural exchange of experiences and knowledge, our students become more active and embrace cultural diversity. As a result, our kindergarten has developed a strong collaboration with the local authorities and the local community. Our principal aim is inspire our students through innovative and playful activities, to respect their environment and become responsible and active citizens.
Kindergarten’s blog:  http://blogs.sch.gr/nipavlon


Kindergarten no. 81 is the public kindergarten located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It is one of the long-established schools of city It has been still continuing education with 9 teachers, 110 students, 4 classrooms and outdoor area.
The children are distributed into 4 age groups of 3, 4 and 5 year olds. Our students have different socio-economic background and come from different social groups and families eg. working class, educated and non-educated families. Most of the families Maintain Their lives in low salaries and they need to work really long hours.
The kindergarten is open for 5 days a week from 6 am. till 5 pm. Our classrooms are equipped with attractive toys and educational tools, Which help our preschoolers to develop Their skills and interests. We also take care of the cooperation with the parents and the local community. Every year, together with the parents in organize "The Optimistic Family Sports Olympiad", when the Local Authorities, parents, relatives and other local community members are welcomed. We try to educate our children in an interesting way. We take part in different events, contests, performances and projects organized in our district and in the city of Warsaw. In the kindergarten children can develop Their hobbies attending to different classes like music, drama, educational activities in a library, nature classes, Angielski, gymnastic or even Zumba for kids. One of the weakest point of our institution is its playground. It is poorly equiped, with only a few devices for children.
We took part in different projects connected with the children's health. Here are some of them:
1. "Naughty bears, that is the way to overcome  boredom"- project within "Warsaw Educational Initiative" which main goal was to overcome the aggressive behaviours with preschoolers. This is the project written by on of our teachers.
2."We eat healthy and grow healthy" - project organised by Foundation of Children Development named after J.A.  Komeński. The project was intended especially for the kindergartnen's workers. Thanks to this project, the staff learnt about healthy nutrition in the kindergartens.
3."Establishing the cultivation in the greenhouse" - our own project, which helped our children to be close to nature .


Capaci is today a multicultural small town where people coming from different countries of the world live and work. Our institution tries to respond to some of the family and society needs, in a European perspective and aims at giving the highest levels of education and instruction to all citizens. All of this is done by keeping in mind and respecting the personal qualities of the students which the institution welcomes, even through individual learning, promoting their development and having as a basic aim the acquisition of common objectives.

Our purpose is to put our institution in a modern perspective of exchange in an international level by means of a multilateral partnership that will be realized as a curricular and lab activity. Our intent is to propose a European model in order to discover similarities, analogies and differences among countries without disregarding the peculiarities of the local school and to build, reinforce and improve progress and development. We believe that this project is a good occasion for a remarkable cultural growth for all. By rediscovering the similarities and the differences of one’s past we believe we could create a cultural bridge among the various countries.My school has orchestra and is equipped with regard to new technologies



Gradinita cu P.P. “Floarea Soarelui” ("Sunflower" Kindergarten), situated in Craiova city, is one of the largest in town, having about 300 preschoolers who attend classes for the following group-ages: 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 years old children.
Our kindergarten has known a long tradition in the neighborhood, functioning since 1975. This institution is situated in the largest neighborhood of Craiova city, with a population of about 100,000 inhabitants. We offer  children, besides the activities stipulated in The National Curriculum, optional activities such as English/ French courses, Arts and Sports activities, Modern dances, Health education, Ecological education etc.
Along the years we have developed a very good collaboration with local authorities, cultural institutions, public and private organizations from different sectors of activity and also with the local community, the preschoolers’ families, this allowing us to develop partnerships with museums, children theatres, libraries, puppet theatres, schools and kindergartens, NGOs and to conduct extracurricular activities on different subjects, fieldtrips, contests, exhibitions etc.




Gaziemir Sabiha Gokcen Primary School was established in 1988 by the Turkish government in order to provide a Turkish education service in Gaziemir which followed the Turkish school curriculum. Children at the school are immersed in Turkish culture and music, and parents find the school an exceptional resource for their children.
Gaziemir Sabiha Gokcen Primary School follows the best educational programs and the applications followed throughout the country and the world which embraces the understanding of student-centered education. By the Turkish Education System, our educational program is developed considering students’ academic, social, cultural and physical developments. We ,as a school, try to  carryout through modern teaching methods and project based learning in order to enhance individual differences and reveal students’ creativity as well as to make the learning easier and more enjoyable.
  We feel and think that the engagement of all stakeholders are an important aspect of a successful school. We believe our school is a place where children, staff and families are valued and all work together to ensure that children are challenged academically, inspired creatively and supported and fostered in their emotional development. With the correct balance, our pupils develop the self respect and self esteem they need to succeed in life.


 Kindergarten "Kalina Malina" is located in Bulgaria, the town  Pazardzhik. It is a municipal kindergarten and it  is the largest kindergarten in the region of Pazardzhik. There are 10 children\\\\\\\'s garden groups and 2 children\\\\\\\'s crèche groups. At this point we take care of 350 children. The staff is 48 people, including 20 teachers, five nurses and support staff. The kindergarten has a good quality specialists for the education of children aged 2-7. Children are taught in spacious, comfortable and cozy study-bedrooms, each with its own look and interiors with an esthetically designed places for children to play. The kindergarten has its own kitchen, speech room, music room, multipurpose hall for children's celebrations, and sporting events, party center, art room, living room, sports court, four multipurpose indoor  yards / 10 hectares / with separate playgrounds for all groups with lots of trees and greenery and 5 unique eco houses. Priority in the work of teachers is creative education of children through the arts, health education and healthy lifestyles for children and their parents. Also close contact between children and nature,  we are working with parents as-partners in the education of children, also we think about protection and preservation of traditions and folklore of Bulgarians and  successful preparation of children for school and life.

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