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Kindergarten of Avlonari, Evia, Greece


After two-year activities, we elaborated the topics of healthy nutrition and exercise. As a closure, we revised the nutrition pyramid and we also learnt the pyramid of sports for preschool age. 

  • Observing the pyramid of healthy nutrition we filled up our worksheet.

We chose to draw two ingredients in each category:


  • We represented the sport pyramid

Afterwards, we drew the activities that we liked the most in the right category of the pyramid.

Afterwards, we creaded a 3D pyramid.

In order to find answers in the question what makes someone healthy, we read books related to the topic, we found information via intrernet and finally we made a video with all the things we believe that make us healthy:


We used the educational program  photodendro and we grouped the different kinds of foods in categories healthy and unhealthy food 

Thestudents used also the educational program photodentro:

1) Maths with glasses of water.

2) Matching food with their first letter. 

3) Placing foods in the right position in our diet pyramid.

We used the digital interactive board "open board" and we categorised the pictures of heathy and unhealthy life style. 

We created a poster with these pictures

Finally, we created the game "The traffic light of healthy nutrition", promoting healthy lifestyle.

Finally, we plant some seeds from our partners, creating our European Garden, promoting Healthy Lifestyle.



After revising the crucial points of healthy lifestyle and observing the following pyramid, we created ourposter.

Here is the process of creating our poster:

 In the end, we made a huge poster which we used it as a backround for our summer festival:

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