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Grains Greece


Kindergarten of Avlonari, Evia, Greece

We started our subject by reading a tale from Greek mythology "DEMETRA AND PERSEPHONE". Demetra was the goddess of agriculture and her symbol was the wheat. The tale explains the interchange of seasons.



Grains Romania


G.P.P. "Floarea Soarelui", Craiova, Romania


Activities: science - „The story of bread – the transformation of the wheat grain until getting the bread" - conversation based on intuitive support, math activty "Little bakers"- ICT-based numbering activity, preparing bread, visiting the Bread Factory, storytelling activity "Peter and the bread", preparing healthy digestive biscuits, children's songs, modelling bread dough.



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Kindergarden Avlonari Greece


Avlonari kindergarder, Evia, Eleni - Margarita




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