Kindergarten of Avlonari, Evia, Greece

At first, we talked about the Pyramid of Mediterranean Nutrition. We filled in some worksheets based on that pyramid. Through these activities, we tried to understand the categories of each food and their nutrition value. 

Afterwards, we created a 3D Pyramid, where we indicated the food groups and we played a game, in which we placed some food toys in our pyramid. It was a way to close our project and prepare our activities presentation with a "Healthy PICNIC".

We also made a 2D poster of our pyramid.


For our PICNIC, we prepared our schoolyard with the help of our parents. 

Firstly, we presented the drama play, with yoga positions the "Hungry caterpillar", where the caterpillar made decisions about her food, depending on their nutrition value! At the end, it become a beautiful butterfly!!!

As a closure we sang and danced! Every student got an award for his/her participation in our project!

Finally, we had a great time with our "Healthy PICNIC".