Kindergarten of Avlonari, Evia, Greece



In Greece we have many regions, where we cultivate grapes. Grape is an autumn fruit, so we talked about it! First we saw the colours of grapes and we tasted them. Afterwards, we voted for our favourite! Yellow grape was the winner!

We also collected materials about grape, such as books, photos and many products which are produced by it!

We had the chance to taste these special products.

We also observed and talked about Art and Mythology (God Dionysus), in order to enrich our vocabulary with words connected to grapes.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to play a famous Greek Myth of Aesop "The fox and the grapes".

Furthermore, we tried to extract juice from grapes!!

Moreover, we invited mothers to cook us biscuits made by the juice of grapes. We observed the process and then we helped them shape little biscuits.

As a result, we wrote down the recipe, to remember it.

We played different type of games, using grapes!

1. Maths-Patterns (various criteria)

2. We represented a greek song-poem talking about 8 little birds, who tried to eat a berry (grape). We used a yellow ballon to replace the grape. Then, we tried to follow the mouvements of our friends, according to those on the poem/song, while waiting for our turn to eat some grape with our noses!

3. We played the game "who's quicker?". In this game we tried to categorize the grapes into two different pots. (Goals: orientation, synchronization eye-hand)

Finally, our friends from the other class had the idea to create grapes, using carrots. We loved their work, so we painted our colorful grapes!


We talked about autumn fruits in Greece. We observed their colours and shapes, we touched and smelled them.

We played the game "Guess the fruit!"

We organized autumn fruits (different criteria: color)

We organized autumn fruits (different criteria: sense of touch)

Maths (size)

We observed the fruits and tried to find their half.

We created fruit stamps.

We also played a memory game:We put in line different fruits, then we hide one and we tried to memorize which is missing. 

 We created a list with fruits and their trees.


We also talked about famous proverbs and riddles about fruits.

The students also participated in Math activities, counting the leaves of the fruits or voting for their favorite one.

a) Patterns: Apples
b) Autumn fruits-words
We played a game with fruit words. We tried to rewrite the words,putting the letters or syllabes in the right order.
We renovated our shop/market, with fruits! We also created a price list!

We also made a delicious fruitsalad!!

We also created to ebooks.


Book titled 'Apple pie'Read this free book made on StoryJumper
Book titled 'AUTUMN FRUIT SALAD'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

Finally, we made some crafts, based on fruits.