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Partners talk


Plan Lesson - IV Age – Group

Theme: A Popular Athlete

Educational Field: Physical education
Ø Educational
- Initial exploration of lateral running
- consolidation of equilibrium walking on a gym bench
- Developing physical endurance quality
Ø Healing
- improvement of general physical condition
Ø Teaching
- discipline, organization, focus, autonomy, collective games.
Required appliances and tools: stick
Venue: gym /in the group

T: Children, today we will talk about sports. Do you like to do sports? What kind of sport do you know?
Ch: Football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, ggymnastics, running…
T: I want to tell you about a very famous bulgarian athlete, her name is Iliana Raeva!
Sport career: Iliana Raeva is a former gymnast at the club "Levski", one of the "golden girls" of Neshka Robeva. Professional career:
• Iliana Raeva established her own Rhythmic Gymnastics Club - "Iliana".
• She heads the Coaching Council of the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.
• She led the delegation of the rhythmic gymnastics team at the Olympic Games in Sydney (Australia).
• She was a senior coach of the Bulgarian Ensemble when she won the bronze medals at the Athens Olympics.
• 6 years  Iliana Raeva is the chief coach of the national team of rhythmic gymnastics of Bulgaria.
• Under her leadership, the Bulgarian Ensemble won bronze at the World Championship in Moscow in combination with 5 hoops, and many gold, silver and bronze medals from world cups and Grand Prix competitions.
• Iliana Raeva has been at the head of the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.
I offer you today to be small gymnasts! We will prepare ourselves physically, because the real gymnasts first warm up their body so they will not have any injuries. And then we will do exercises as do the gymnastics.

Educational content of the form


Organizational-methodical guidelines




  Construction of the group

 Introductory exercises:
- move in a column;
- move with arms away;
- walking with hands on the waist;
- jumpers;
- Squatting.

 A game of attention attraction

 Developing exercises

1.Circles with a head
2.Hands and shoulder belt
- OP standing, stick down
1- lifting the stick forward
2- OP
3- lifting the stick upwards
4- OP

3. Curves
- OP standing, the stick is down
1- lifting the stick forward
2-left curve and left lash with the stick
3-Right curve and right  lash with the stick
4- OP

4. For abdominal muscles
- OP-seat, stick up
1 - lift your left leg and stick forward
2- OP
3 -  lift your right leg and stick forward 4- OP

5. For your back
- OP standing, the stick is down
1 - lift left leg back, the stick is up
2- OP
3- lift right leg back, the stick is up
4- OP

Spring forward with one knee
-OP- standing, the stick is down
Spring left and raise the stick up in left
3 -  Spring right and raise the stick up in right
4- OP

7.  Knee bend
-OP- standing, down below
1-knee bend and raise the stick to the level of the eye
2- OP
3- knee bend and raise the stick above  the head

8. Jumping
-OP-standing, the stick on the ground, hands on the hips
1-jump over the stick, clapping your hands
2- OP
3 = 1
4 = 2















The group is built in one row.

 In the form of a train, children walk, jump, run, stop at a signal. Also, by signal they changed the position of the hands. (With music)

"Day and night" - the children walk in a circle. By signal they squat down (imitate sleeping).

 The children are built in a row, two-handed distance.
 Staggered stance, hands on the waist.
His arms outstretched, the head is in the direction of the body; the
 stick is down.

The body is in a standing position. The legs are gathered together, the stick is down. Curves left and right.

Seated, the body is upright, the chest pointed forward, shoulders back. His left leg folded to his chest and the stick is forward.

Standing, the legs are gathered together. Raise the left leg at the same time as the stick upwards.

 Standing, the stick is down. Tilt left and right, raise the stick to the left and right.

 Standing, the stick is down. Knee bend and raise the stick forward and upwards.

 Standing, the stick is down. Jump over stick and simultaneously clap with hands.


1. Initial learning of side-running

2. Enhancement and improvement of equilibrium walking on gymnastic bench

3. Complex development of motor skills



 The children are arranged in a circle. Teacher shows lateral jogging. The children then begin to run sideways; the teacher watches them and helps them.

 The children are being built in a row. By sound signal they leave one by one. First they walk on a gym bench, get off it, jump over a creek /rope/ and come back with side-running. After the beep sound leave the next child.


Soothing game



 Watch out for a signal” - the kids are walking around the room.  By sound signal all stop move. By sound signal - walking again.



OP - outgoing position